The garden

Allison Campbell-Roebling, together with her husband, baron Joseph van der Elst brought this castle site back to it’s former glory. Before and after the 2nd world war the gardens were restored too, inspired by the English gardens of Gertrude Jekyll.

Le jardin 1When entering the domain, you’re welcomed by the towers of the 14th century outer bailey and the castle, which is surrounded by different borders and gardens. The footpaths have been laid out on the fundaments of the old ramparts, also the old moats have been excavated and form an important part of the current garden. The mixed borders were designed in 1946 by the famous Dutch garden architect Mien Ruys and later on the garden was restored by André Van Wassenhove and Maurice Vergote. The design of Mien Ruys is characterized by a special feel for axes and perspectives and by the integration of the historical aspect of the site with the garden and the surrounding landscape.

The garden of the virgin was created by Mr. Coquette and the current chatelaine.

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